maggie-tree-sterlingsThe Maggie Tree is a developing network that encourages the growth of projects initiated and driven by women, for a sustained interest and visibility of women in theatre and the arts.

Ultimately we are seeking to support the development, collaboration and continuation of work initiated by women, as well as to create a support network for the ladies involved in this important work. Let’s get as many branches on this tree as possible. The roots are already there, and the fruit will follow.

Latest News

September 10, 2015

High Five Season Pass

The Maggie Tree is thrilled to be a part of this awesome #YEG Indie Theatre initiative! Come see ‘The Supine Cobbler’ and 4 other exciting Indie Productions throughout the 2015/16 Season for only $65. Click here to buy your pass … Read more »

September 10, 2015

‘Category E’ takes home 5 Sterling Awards

Category E took home 5 of the 7 Sterling Awards for which it was nominated, including Best New Play and Best Independent Production. Click here for the full story.  

June 21, 2015

‘Category E’ boasts 7 Sterling Award Nominations!

Category E has been nominated for 7 2015. Sterling Awards. Click here for the full story.